DC Lil Bombshells: Series 1

Key Features

Release Date: 09.14.2016

DC Fans Rejoice! DC Comics Lil' Bombshells mini figures are available now! Cryptozoic’s DC Comics Bombshells figures, based on the popular line of collectibles and comics, draw inspiration from 1940s pinup art while depicting an alternate reality where DC’s superpowered female characters are at the center of World War II. The core lineup of figures includes Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman. Each collectible is hand-painted and styled to pay homage to classic pinups with a cute cartoonish twist. Add them to your collection today!

Product Details

  • 10 unique characters
  • 2 rare deco variants (1:72)
  • One 2.75” figurine per tin
  • Collectible Tin packaging


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  • Sam Greenwell
  • Pedro Astudillo

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